Endodontics Keep San Diego Patients in Good Oral Health

Endodontics protects the health of your teeth. Our dentist and dental care staff want your teeth and gums to look good, but more importantly, we want them to be healthy, too. Endodontic treatment evaluates the structure of the tooth, particularly the pulp, which is connected to tissue that can become inflamed or infected. When this occurs, a root canal is often necessary.

Inflammation or tissue infection can be caused by:

  • deep decay
  • more than one dental procedure on the tooth
  • cracks or a chip in the tooth

Damage to the pulp may also be caused by injury to the tooth even if there are no visible signs of chips or cracks. The infected tissue can lead to an abscess and cause pain if left untreated. Our Ocean Beach dentists will remove the inflamed or infected pulp and carefully clean the inside of the root canal. The area is then filled and sealed with a crown or other dental restoration placed to protect the tooth and allow it back to full functioning.

Endodontic Care Valuable for Tooth Preservation

Endodontic care is necessary to help save your natural tooth. Its advantages include normal biting and chewing ability and improved aesthetics for your mouth. Our patients normally feel mild sensitivity following the procedure for a few days and can return to normal activities the following day. If you are feeling discomfort, our dentist can recommend ways to alleviate pain.

All of us at Sunset Cliffs Dental have been helping patients with preventative care for years. We like to stop dental problems before the start or become worse. If you experience symptoms such as heat or cold sensitivity, tenderness when chewing, swelling, or tooth discoloration, take the opportunity to speak with our dentist at your diagnostic appointment to discuss your concerns.

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